Hello there, I’m Emma Ivanova. Welcome to our website InversionTableGuides.net where we talk everything inversion tables, exercises and all you need to know about inversion therapy.

I started this site to share with you what I know about inversion tables after struggling with lower back pain for years. Until a few years ago, I was living a “normal” life. I perceived myself to be healthy and fit. However, that was to change after I swapped jobs. My new job (I was working at a departmental store then), had a tight schedule and at times I was forced to extend my working hours.

I had to keep an updated inventory, check what’s about to run out of stock and do some data entry. In short, my job was strenuous. One and a half years into the job, I started experiencing lower back pain. At first, I would take a hot bath and take some rest. While doing so would offer temporary relief, I eventually couldn’t work for seven consecutive days and had to take one day off.

Faced with a looming layoff, I decided to do something about my situation. I had heard about inversion therapy but hadn’t given it much thought. At the store, we stocked inversion tables, so I bought one and started hanging my body upside down before retiring to bed. The results were simply amazing!

After nine weeks, my pain reduced significantly. I was stronger and feeling reinvigorated. Now, I am living proof that inversion therapy works. Here, I will:

  • Share with you helpful information about inversion therapy and its benefits
  • Help you choose the best inversion tables
  • Answer your questions about inversion table exercises or anything else related to the topic

In short, this is a one-stop shop for inversion tables and everything that revolves around the subject. Start by reading my inversion tables buying guide. Your pursuit to deal with lower back and neck pain through inversion therapy begins here!

An important warning: Whether you do anything recommended on this website without thorough discussion and the supervision of a licensed medical practitioner, you do so at your own risk! For more information read our Disclaimer.