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Our team at InversionTableGuides has a simple goal – to bring you the very best the world of inversion therapy has to offer.

We’re committed to providing you with reliable and relevant information from the industry as well as the newest, most exceptional products so that you can make a more informed purchase, should you choose to do so.

Whether you’re new to the practice of inversion or are a seasoned invertee, we’ve got you covered. With us, inverting becomes a delight, not just a routine.

Our Team

Emma Ivanova​

After struggling with lower back pain for years herself, Emma began vigorously exploring the multiple benefits of inversion therapy. She founded InversionTableGuides in an aim to share the enormous health potential of hanging upside down with thousands in the same boat.

By collaborating with forerunners in the field, networking with experts at seminars, and keeping up to date with the latest breakthroughs and studies in the inversion therapy sector, Emma is committed to deepen her understanding of inversion and impart the most trustworthy information with eager readers.

Fast forward to today, and Emma’s website has gone a long way, establishing itself as one of the leading sources of accurate information spanning across the industry. Her constantly-expanding team now consists of several hard-working people working around the clock to deliver invaluable content straight to their audience.

Dr. Steven Griffin

Dr. Steven Griffin is a US physical therapist with extensive experience in inversion therapy and pain relief. Steven’s passion lies in helping his patients lead less painful and more complete lives by treating sports and orthopedic injuries. He has earned his doctorate in physical therapy from Emory University after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and nutrition at the University of Alabama.

Currently employed by Benchmark Physical Therapy outpatient clinic, Steven spends as much time as possible educating patients on a variety of topics surrounding injuries, anatomy and physiology, fitness, nutrition, and health and wellbeing. He frequently writes on the benefits and proper practices of inversion, drawing from his own expertise in the field.

By continually furthering his education, Steven hopes to serve his patients the best he can. That’s why, in addition to his existing qualifications and certificates, Steven is also working towards a certificate in manual therapy.

By collaborating with InversionTableGuides Steven aims to spread awareness of the benefits of inversion therapy to help people better manage the symptoms of their conditions and improve their quality of life altogether.

Advertising Policy

September 2018

Disclaimer: While InversionTableGuides receives a commission on the products sold through the page, all of the listed products are objectively reviewed and rated. Our audience keeps the website going by reading our content and making an informed decision to purchase a product through our affiliate link.

We DO NOT accept payments directly from the manufacturers. We DO NOT offer sponsored listings. But most importantly, we DO NOT have any bias towards the products. All of our expert reviews have been thoroughly curated from a neutral point of view. After all, we understand our readers value objectivity and fairness, and this has been reflected well in our business model.

If you still have any concerns about our advertising policy, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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