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Is it Safe to Use an Inversion Table to Treat Bulging Disks?

While the gravity will affect most parts of your body, the spine is the most susceptible. You may not notice (or feel it) but the gravity is always pulling down your spine. In essence, this means that the disks located in your spinal vertebra as are continually exposed to compression. What happens when the gravity […]

Learn the Top Methods for Spinal Decompression

Back pain can significantly disrupt your life. In fact, when you become affected, you want nothing short of a lasting relief. One of the best ways to deal with back pain is spinal decompression therapy. It could be surgical or nonsurgical. And there’s also inversion therapy. We delve into the subject to help you decide […]

​Lower Back Pain Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

​Lower back pain is a common problem. In fact, statistics show that every American has to deal with it at some point their life. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to get well acquainted with the basics of lower back pain if for nothing else, to know how to deal with the condition once it occurs. […]

Common Causes of Back Pain

Thousands upon thousands of Americans suffer ongoing back pain. As a matter of fact, it is the number one cause of disability in people aged 45 and below. And, there’s a host of reasons including. Spine Related Problems You’re likely to experience back pain something is off with your muscles, joints, discs, and nerves. Some […]

Tips for Relieving Your Back Pain {Infographic}

Infographic - Tips for Relieving Your Back Pain

​11 Ways To Find Lower Back Pain Relief

​Back pain is a common problem among adults. While this pain may be caused by very strenuous activity such as lifting heavy objects or prolonged physical exercise, it could also occur without any obvious physical strain. Experts in the field of physical therapy say that any type of back pain or injury must be addressed […]

How to Treat a Back Spasm

Back spasms are painful and if untreated can cause bouts of discomfort. In extreme cases, they can affect your ability to move or carry out day to day tasks. Back spasm is a widespread phenomenon, with statistics indicating that up to eighty percent of the American population is continuously susceptible to back pain. Even then, […]

How to Exercise with Back Pain

Exercise can help reduce the intensity of back pain. Even so, you must do it right. You see, the entire process involves stretching of muscles, and any mistake could prove damaging. That said, how can you embark on a regular exercise regimen with lower back pain? First of all, you have to talk to a […]

​10 Tips for Pain Free Travel

​Traveling for long hours requires you to sit in one position for a long time. Due to restricted blood flow and uncomfortable seats, you may experience pain in your back, neck and joints. But with a little research and preparation, you can use these pain free travel tips to minimize your pain during your next […]

​Which Essential Oils Are Good For Back Pain?

​Have you ever felt a tingling sensation in your back or perhaps a numbing pain that felt like it would break your spine in two? Everyone, at one point or another experiences body pains, back pain being the most prevalent. The pains and aches we feel occasionally come from all sorts of daily activities. Maybe […]

How Stress Can Lead to Back Pain

Every three in ten Americans suffers some form of extreme stress according to the figures released by the American Psychological Association. Now that’s distressing! Even more disturbing is the fact that stress can cause and complicate back pain. While anxiety is not one of the major causes of back pain, its effects are worrying. In […]

​7 Simple Yoga Poses you Should Do Every Day

​Yoga poses are fitness exercises that have a proven track record of success in bringing about wellness of body, mind and soul. This is achieved by performing simple poses each day that strengthen and tone the muscles, promote deep concentration and enhance deep reflection. These exercises involve mindful stretching of different body parts through standing […]

​When Your Back Hurts Every Morning, These Tips Are What You Need

Picture this; you’ve just got out of bed, ready to face the day but there’s a problem – your back really hurts. Indeed, you’re uncomfortable not to mention that you’ve already lost the enthusiasm to carry on with your daily activities. Sure, back pain is distressful, more so when it happens in the morning. Even […]

The Secrets of Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga can transform your mind, body and soul. It is not surprising that the practice has been around for eons and continues to gain popularity. You most likely know a yoga studio near your place of residence. But, are you aware that the tranquility yoga brings can go a long way in helping relieving back […]

Top 7 Mobile Apps For Dealing With Back Pain

Apps, like smartphones are a non-negotiable requirement in this age for a myriad of reasons ranging from the mundane to the invaluable. A good example of an invaluable service that we can access via the help of an app is the back pain management. The world is a busier place than ever before, which means […]