​The Secrets of Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga can transform your mind, body and soul. It is not surprising that the practice has been around for eons and continues to gain popularity. You most likely know a yoga studio near your place of residence. But, are you aware that the tranquility yoga brings can go a long way in helping relieving back pain?

Yes, a regular yoga regimen could be what’s standing between you and living a life free of back pain. Nonetheless, to derive the benefits that yoga, you must perform the correct possess. You will alleviate the soreness if you target specific muscles.

We look at various yoga poses and how they can help you alleviate back pain.


This is one of the most popular yoga exercises for back pain. To perform it, start by lying on your stomach. Then, use your forearms to lift and support your body. Align your elbows with your shoulder before pressing firmly using the tops of your feet and the palms.

This pose works to stretch your lower back. More specifically, it helps loosen the tight muscle groups. Be sure to take deep breaths. Sphinx increases the flow of blood into the lower back to reduce the intensity of pain and reinvigorate your entire body. For the best results hold this pose for two to five minutes.

Hamstring Stretches

If you’re starting out with yoga, hamstring stretches is your best bet to reversing back pain. These are simple to perform routines that you can do on a daily basis. The best part is, you can virtually do them anywhere including your bedroom or home gym.

To perform hamstring stretches, just lie on your back and bend one of your knees into your chest. Wrap the ball of your foot using a towel or a yoga strap. Stretch your leg toward the ceiling and briskly use your hells to press out. Stay in this position for at least five minutes. Repeat the procedure using your other leg.

Cat and Cow Pose

This is another easy to execute your exercise that strengthens the back muscles. Because of its effectiveness, this is poses works well for mild to severe soreness. To do the cat and cow pose, start by getting in an all fours position using your legs and knees. Use your hands to gently push into the mat as you lower body. Then press your spine up and arch your back to transit into the cat pose.

Hold this position for a couple of seconds and move into the cow stretch. You will scoop your spine inward and press your shoulder blade back. Lift you head and face the ceiling.

The cow pose allows your spine to get into a neutral position. Just like the hamstring stretches, the cow and cat pose target the tight muscles.

Downward Dog

These enough data to show that downward dog treats back pain. Unlike other poses, this one works on your back extensors. These are the muscles in your lower back area responsible for supporting the spine so you can stand, walk and lift heavy objects. Because the downward dog stretches the entire body, it also helps relieve the entire body of muscle soreness, aches and pain.

To perform this pose, start by sitting on your hands and knees. Push the hands into the ground straight under your shoulders. Raise your knees and your tailbone from the floor. You may also push your heels to the ground to stretch the hamstring even further. Stay in this position for at least three minutes to reap maximum benefits.