Teeter Hang Ups Reviews – Top 5 Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Tables

What you’re about to read are in-depth Teeter hang ups reviews, the primary aim being to let you know what makes them special, more so when pitted among other brands. For starters, Teeter is a leader when it comes to churning out world-class inversion tables. Their hang ups have attracted lots of positive vibe from satisfied users, and the numbers keep trickling in. Put differently; Teeter knows its stuff, and their tables deliver what they promise.

Other than that, their tables are the only ones with a nod from the FDA. In other words, you have an assurance of your safety during inversion. Plus, Teeter goes an extra mile to ensure that their hang ups are innovative and in line with the basics of inversion therapy. Most importantly, their inversion tables are relatively easier to use than other options.

Teeter Hang Ups Benefits

The main reason Teeter hang ups have remained on top of the pile is their consistent performance. Here’s what they undertake to do to your body;

  • Repair Herniated Discs – By inverting your body, the vertebrae become decompressed, enabling your herniated discs to move to the proper position.
  • Trim Down Nerve Pressure – This, by extension, helps relieve sciatic nerve pain
  • Prop up Your Spine – That way, you develop a better posture
  • Eases Muscle Tension – Allows you to relax, breathe easy and improve heart function

Other than that, these hang ups will relieve lower back, shoulder and neck pain as well as improve the function of your lymphatic system. Other benefits include helping boost due to immunity (due to improved lymphatic activity), better joint health, improved flexibility and range of motion.

​Teeter Hang Ups Features

Every Teeter inversion table is unique its own way. In fact, it is the well-thought-out features that make these tables stand out. Notable, brand-exclusive highlights include;

  • ComforTrack Bed – To give you superior and more exceptional range of motion
  • Customizable placement of lumbar and acupressure nodes to allow you to relieve pain along your spine
  • Smooth backrest to minimize friction – Enables you to stretch your body to the maximum
  • Cushioned handles for a better grip. These go hand in hand with stretch handles for stress-free movement.
  • Ankle comfort dial, complete with enough padding to give you a secure fit with putting too much pressure to toes
  • Precision balancing to keep you on the backrest while giving your total control over the degree of inversion

And those are not the only functions that make Teeter inversion tables tick. Others include hardwearing, tubular frame for durability, patented squeak-free roller bearings, and auto locking hinges. Besides, these hang-ups boast the UL listing for safety and foldable for secure storage.

Top 5 ​Teeter Inversion Tables

1. Teeter EP-970 Ltd.

The EP-970 Ltd is a Health Canada Class 1 rated and FDA-cleared (obviously) medical device that pledges to do more than to just alleviate your back pain. It will decompress your spine, stretch-support your muscles and reduce the intensity of conditions such as spinal curvature, degenerative disc disease, and muscle spasm.

This table comes with preset rotation options that enable you to adjust the harness as per your needs. You can even set it at full inversion for advanced stretching and exercises. And the best part is that it doesn’t take a lot to get it working. Just set it to match your height, lock in your and ankles, invert and breathe easy! Moreover, you can use your arms movements to not only shift your body but also to have absolute control over your rotation effortlessly.

The EP-970 Ltd scores remarkably well regarding comfort. It comes with the Deluxe EZ-Reach Ankle System so that you don’t have to bend to secure your ankles. The Ergo-Embrace Supports wrap around your ankles to distribute your body weight along the backrest evenly. Meanwhile, the Stretch Max Handles provide the grip you need to try out a variety of stretching options. Plus, you can gently push and release the handles for seamless and rhythmic oscillation.

The EP-970 Ltd also comes with a host of accessories to increase usability and pain relief. The contoured bed flexes increase the comfort while delivering trigger point release and support for adequate decompression. Those who’ve used this Teeter hang up say it is well-built, robust and long-lasting.

2. Teeter EP-560 with Back Pain Relief Kit

The name couldn’t have been more appropriate – this inversion table has everything you need to keep your lower back pain-free. Just as you’d expect, it meets the UL requirements for safety and is an excellent choice if you’re dealing with severe chronic back pain, tight muscles and facet syndrome. Users say it gives instant partial pain relief with your condition improving as you invert.

The one thing that makes this table unique is its angle increments. You can start inverting as low as 20 degrees, making an excellent choice for a beginner. It doesn’t fall on features too. It comes with an adjustable Ankle Comfort Dial to allow you to fiddle with the foot platform for a comfortable fit.

The Grip and Stretch Handholds, integrated into the ComforTrak bed and frame bring to the fore additional decompression and stretching options. You can even download the TeeterLink App to access interactive 3D assembly instructions, track pain levels and get tailor-made guidance and support.

Of course, just like all Teeter hang ups, this one has Acupressure Nodes & Lumbar Bridge to take away pain from various points on your back. How about your comfort? Well, this table has an ankle system that provides triple lock security and an extended handle to eliminate the need to bend to secure your ankles. That way, you can concentrate on inverting your body without worrying that you might fall off.

One of the most important considerations to make when purchasing a hang up is the ease of assembly. Luckily, that shouldn’t be a cause for concern with this model. You can assemble it in five simple steps in less than 15 minutes!

3. Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Sport

The EP-560 is a top-rated teeter hang ups inversion table and for some good reasons. It works well for shoulder or neck pain and is incredibly durable. It supports up to 300 pounds of weight and can rotate up to 180 degrees.

Unlike the other hung ups we’ve reviewed, this one comes with EZ-Up gravity boots for your comfort. The boots feature 5/8 inches of padding with an adjustable, remarkably durable DuPont Hytrel shell as well as a Dual-lock ratchet buckles for a customized fit. There’s also 40% nylon alloy hooks and optional calf loops for unrivaled strength. Note – you can assemble it using the ankle-lock system depending on your preferences.

The EP-560 has a conversion bar that allows you to move between angles easily. This table is versatile too. You can use it together with the Teeter’s Inversion & Chin-Up Rack, making it a great addition in a home or public gym. The only thing you need to do is to ensure that you use a weight-rated hanging bar with a diameter of 1.25 inches.

Other than that, the EP-560 sports a pressure relieving design, backed by years of extensive research. In fact, this hang up has one of the most comfortable ankle cups on the market. Never used an inversion table before? Not a problem! This one has the patented EZ Stretch Traction handles to give three in one functionality, including decompression, stretching and smooth oscillation. In the meantime, the simple release function provides full inversion.

Note – While anybody can use the EP-560, it works better with experienced users who are comfortable inverting at full angle. Word of caution though – do not mount on this table if you have ankle problems.

4. Teeter Contour L5

The Contour L5 has a contemporary look with classic accents. It is stylish and will indeed make a beautiful addition to your home gym. But away from the appearance, it brings forth a stellar performance coupled with iconic user-friendliness and security.

Just like every other hang up in this roundup, this one features the trademark Deluxe EZ-Reach ankle system to allow you to secure your feet without straining your back. The aerospace-grade stainless steel frame reinforced with a gravity lock system for extreme durability which by extension means value for your money. Note – this inversion table is one of most expensive on this collection, so the endurance makes it a worthwhile investment.

The Contour L5 also comes with one-click balance option for ease of use. The one-of-a-kind pivot system, allows you to adjust the balance point easily. That way, you can find your perfect setting in seconds. Besides, the one-click enables you to fine-tune the balance to accommodate your weight. In other words, this inversion table can handle users of varying shapes and sizes without detaching the bed from the frame.

A glance at Teeter hang ups reviews will tell you why this is a top brand. Take the Contour L5, for instance. Judging by the positive feedback to its name, there’s no doubt that users are happy with what it has to offer. Most hail its top-notch quality with others using terms such as “awesome” to describe it. One more thing – the L 5 has EZ AngleTM Tether Strap, a unique function that allows you to preset inversion at 20, 40 or 60 degrees.

5. Teeter IA1009 InvertAlign 900

First things first – the IA1009 InvertAlign has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and 400% UL safety certification. While it doesn’t come with the bells and whistles of other models on this list, it is remarkably flexible and ideal for stretches. It is one of the best Teeter hang ups if you want to target your lower back.

The InvertAlign has a bed made for anyone who wants to decompress. The surface is smooth and super flexible. The contoured design moves with your body for more stretch and optimal relief. Don’t worry about your balance while on the table. Just grab the built-in stretching grip to find the traction you need to improve your stretching.

The A1009 speaks for itself when it comes to giving the expected results. A section of users says it helped them recover from spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and tight lower back muscles. Others applaud the outstanding security, aided by the triple lock system for peace of mind during inversion. It is also worth noting that this table comes with accessories such as tether straps to hold you firmly on the backrest.

Apart from that, the InvertAlign weighs less than 50 pounds so moving it from one room to the other shouldn’t be much of a hassle. It folds in a snap too, allowing you to store it in seconds without the need to disassemble. While it takes five steps to assemble this hang up, it arrives pre-assembled. In simpler terms, it is ready to use right off the box!

Can Teeter Hang Ups Really Help Reduce Your Back Pain?

​Teeter inversion table reviews claim that you can alleviate lower back pain by hanging your body upside down. The most important question, however, is – how accurate are these claims? Is there any evidence to show that these hang ups work as advertised when it comes to reducing back pain? We take a closer look.

The Concept of Inversion

The way an inversion table works is straightforward and easy to understand – hang your body at a specific angle or completely upside down and let the gravity prop up your spine. That way, the pressure subjected to your spine eases, and the ripple effect is the relief for your back pain.

So, is Inversion Risky?

The debate on whether inversion is risky is double-sided. There are those who say it carries no risk while others insist that you have to tread carefully. Dr. Lon Kalapp, a California based chiropractor, is one of those who says that inversion is not 100% safe. A different chiropractor notes that there’s no problem in hanging your body upside down. However, he is quick to warn that you should consult with your physician before using an inversion table if you have glaucoma, high blood pressure, ear infection, unhealed injuries or are pregnant.

Let’s Talk About Teeter Hang Ups for a Sec

Despite the many, positive Teeter inversion table reviews it is essential to point out that they aren’t necessarily unique. Nonetheless, the manufacturer invests heavily in advertising them which explains the overwhelming interest from the public. The massive advertisement is an indication that Teeter believes in the quality and functionality of their hang ups and aren’t afraid to stand by what they can do.

Besides, the company offers everything for everyone, whether you’re looking for a cheap or high-end model.

… So, Do They Really Work as Advertised?

The easiest way to answer this question is by looking what real users have to say about these hang ups. In all fairness, the buzz around Teeter inversion tables is mind-boggling. Up to 90% of users say that they’re happy with the results. Many confess that the tables helped alleviate their back pain in a couple of weeks.

Sure, there are those who feel that the hang ups didn’t do much to help improve their condition. But, as stated, the majority of users got what they were looking for as evidenced by the high ratings. Teeter has a friendly customer service and a flexible return policy which goes to show that they’ll stop at nothing till you get value for your money.

The bottom line is, therefore, is that there’s every indication Teeter hang ups will reduce your back pain. After all, numbers don’t lie. In short, there’s more than one reason to invest in this brand’s inversion tables – there’s a high percentage that your back pain will eventually disappear. However, it is essential to note that you have to use your hang up correctly to get the desired results. You have to invert your body on a consistent basis too, preferably twice or thrice every day.

The Bottom Line

The people at Teeter labs know what they’re doing! That’s the best way to explain why their hang ups keep flying off the shelves. While there’s no denying that the rave Teeter hang ups reviews contribute to the brand’s popularity, the trailblazing performance is what the table a class above the competition.

Everything about these inversion tables is on point, from the functionality to the ease of use and durability. There’s a consensus across the board that their artistry is excellent and that they’re great pieces of equipment to own. So, before you go spending lots of cash on medication to treat back, neck or shoulder pain, it doesn’t hurt trying out a Teeter inversion table first!

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